Rambling about Not Enough Time & Plans

The goal was to have some sort of post/content posted every few weeks, but clearly that is another thing I failed at. Anyway, I have a few write ups for Global Cyberlympics Finals, CyberSeed CTF 2017, Raymond James CTF (maybe), an overview CPTC from the competitor’s perspective. I also received EC Council’s ECSA course for free so I’m planning on doing a review about it since I couldn’t find too much out about the quality of it online.

Some other stuff I have on the back burner that I plan want to do:

  • OSCP A-Z Guide
  • Google Rapid Response (GRR) deployment (< this is a sick framework, take a look at it)
  • Building a cloud-based pentest lab with Terraform (AWS)
  • Maybe a CCDC prep guide / learning resources from competing in it for 3 years. (depends on how this year goes)
  • Automating all the shit stuff with paramiko.

I don’t know when I’ll have time to complete these things, when I’m having my time sucked dry having to calculate ciphers that existed during WWII by hand, and very relevant & modern programming assignments in MIPS assembly. When I could be playing in CTFs/competitions or working.